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i carry your heart with me (i carry it in

my heart) i am never without it (anywhere

i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done

by only me is your doing, my darling)


i fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true) and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you


here is the deepest secret nobody knows

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart


i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)


Thank you Michelle Cameron for opening your heart and home to Hachi.· Hachi passed October 20th,  This is from Michelle

Today I said goodbye to this girl

I only had her for 5 short months, she was a foster in hospice and had congestive heart failure.

I was the lucky one that got to take her when she needed someone to give her a place to call home for her last months. I miss her so much already, I felt like I had her her whole life

Michelle and Hatchi.jpg


She was probably more than 15 years old and her foster called us and said there was no way she was leaving her in the shelter and she said she would foster. Then the unexpected happened she had an application from Angela and Renee and they were perfect they adopted Wilma and they gave her a year she might not have had without them. We know that she was loved and received the best care and home we never could have dreamed of for Wilma. 

Wilma Renee.jpg

Baci was such a wonderful little dog. He was loved by his fosters, Andrea and Guy, and all that met him.

He was a loyal companion to his people for 13 years and then one day he was dumped, he had an awful name, Monster.

But that all changed when we rescued him from the awful death sentence at the shelter. We soon learned that Baci was a completely silly boy. He would paw you when he wanted attention. He would bark, but he made little noises to say hey I am here pay attention to me.

We only had him for 6 months, but we know he was loved all those months and we are saddened we could not given him more time.




Was such a love bug it's like he knew when he did his freedom walk out of the shelter that it was a brand new start. He went first to get a bath, which he loved. Then he went to the vet and all sorts of tests were run. Then he went to his foster home. He walked in there like he had been there his whole life. His foster's Joann and Russ fell for him and decided Albie was home.

Albie only lived four months but it was they were the best months. He was loved, he traveled, he gave his family love in return. 

His mom called to let me know he had passed. He got up in the morning sat in his favorite spot and Joann went to check on him then sat on the couch with him and reached out to pet him and he was gone.  He died with his family and in his happy place.

Thank you to Joann and Russ for giving this beautiful boy a great life.

Joann and Albie

Donovan Gone Too Soon

Yesterday ended with heartbreak. Our tiny rescue Donovan lost his battle with his health issues. He was with us for only a short time but managed to find a place in our hearts. His little body just couldn't fight any longer and he was suffering. 
When we rescue seniors we almost expect we may lose them but to lose one so young is just so heartbreaking. We are grateful to those who supported us with donations and support.
We will always remember this little one. We hope he's running free in a healthy body and happy.

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We had to say goodbye to Harry and it was heartbreaking.  He had him for far too short of time and wish we could have given him so much more time.

Harry was not healthy to begin and was 12 years old.  We tried to give him the love he deserved.


We had to say goodbye to Harry and it was heartbreaking.  He had him for far too short of time and wish we could have given him so much more time.

Harry was not healthy to begin and was 12 years old.  We tried to give him the love he deserved.


Today my Coco passed.  He will be forever in my heart and part of my soul.  He was a fighter.  Left to fend for himself for 2 months after his mom passed.  He was emaciated and had no teeth and we thought we would lose him then, that was February.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure, a bad liver, and was blind mostly.

My goal was to just let him live the life he had left to live until it was his time, today, 12/11/2018 was his time.

It breaks my heart because he was just starting to come out of the shell he had build for himself when his mom passed.  I hope there is truly a Rainbow Bridge and that his mom was waiting for him.  I hope he runs free seeing the beauty there is to see and his pain is no longer.  

Coco deserved so much more than he received but I hope he knows he was loved from the second I rescued him and treasured.

I will miss him terribly and always love him. Bye my sweet boy... run free...


Bunny was aptly name, standing in tall grass he looked like a gentle bunny.  We almost didn’t get Bunny his people had asked for help finding him a new home and then after we had agreed to take him they gave him away.  Then one day I received a note asking if I would still take him, without hesitation I said yes. 


I drove to the vet and as I was driving my heart was breaking into a million pieces, I rubbed his ears, and he looked at me and went to sleep.  We arrived at the vet they said he was not doing well at all and it was his time.  I held him and kissed his head as they administered the shots he fell into a deep sleep and then with the second shot he was gone.  I hope there is a Rainbow Bridge and that Bunny ran across with no pain, no need for medications, and running and hopping in tall lush fields of green grass and that someone will give him all the belly and ear rubs he wants.

I held him and rubbed his belly and ears and told him he was always loved in our home and told him I was sorry I could not make him stay.  I completed the paperwork to adopt him because no dog will ever leave my home without a home. 

It is always the most difficult decision to allow a loved one to go this was no easier.  He started having seizures on Friday, evening into Saturday morning we spent many hours at the vet trying to bring him back and then finally he was back.  But my baby couldn’t walk or even hold himself up, I brought him home to give him a chance to rest, but he soon started having seizures again and the medications were not helping. 

When Bunny arrived his personality was shining, but it was short-lived after a few days he started having seizures, it was horrible.  After rushing him to the vet we were able to get the seizures to stop, but it had its effect on him. But he was still such a love bug and though he walked a bit slow, when dinner time came he would run like the wind.  He could bring a smile to anyone’s lips with his loved belly rubs, chasing balls and his ears rubbed.  He loved to be in the sun he would stretch his neck straight up close his eyes and soak it all in.
Luna you were loved from day one and will be loved until there is no more time... 10/21/2018

We at GLAR wish to thank Joy, Allyn and the wonderful family and friends who provided Ruth with so much love we know it made up for the pain and suffering she had to endure before she found us.  


From Joy.


Our sweet Ruth passed away August 5. Ruth was a tough old girl, living to the ripe old age of 17... that's 119 in people years!! Ruth's early days are mostly a mystery. In her golden years, and after some pretty tough living, Ruth found herself alone and tied to a dumpster during a winter rainstorm. A good Samaritan brought her to the shelter. Her microchip led the shelter to her owners who stated they did not want her anymore. Leti Luna stepped in when the shelter vets diagnosed cancer in her belly. Her skin had systemic infections, and she was deaf from ears filled with growths. She was blind in one eye and had an ulcer in the other that had been there for years most likely causing her pain. Leti reached out to her FB friends and I volunteered to take Ruth in. In memory of my great aunt who passed away from cancer before I was born. She was a "Ruth" too and I felt compelled to help this poor dog. 

I got her home and set up my spare room for Ruth. A heated dog bed to warm her old bones, good food to fill out her skinny frame, and let her rest. After a few weeks she perked up.. started showing her true personality- running through the house ears flapping, woofing whenever she smelled food, burying herself in blankets to snore peacefully during her naps... and when she got her baths she would run around like a puppy invigorated. Juliet took her to the vet for her medicines. April brought her special shampoo and cleaned her ears. Mark and Dannick helped feed her and supervise her exercise which included walking around the house pooping and peeing wherever she wanted! But everyone just cleaned up her messes. She was old and that was just her.


And then her special friend came into her life- Allyn Lee met Ruth when visiting for a BBQ and it was love at first sight. She would babysit Ruth when I was away and Ruth was a princess in Allyn's home- warm baths in the sink, walks thru the garden, being held like a baby (which she LOVED) on Allyn's lap and hanging out with her buddy Vin. Allyn's son and husband also fell in love with this special soul and Ruth blossomed with all the love and attention. We all knew Ruth was on borrowed time. We knew she was incredibly old and in terrible physical health. And ultimately the day came when Ruth soul decided it was time to cross the rainbow bridge and set herself free from her broken and battered body and run free. Ruth was a fighter. She was funny and stubborn and a complete joy to have. She stunk to high heaven but that stinky mess of a dog stole all of our hearts with her beautiful face and soulful eyes. We will miss her and think of her often- and her will to survive shall be an inspiration for years to come. Rest In Peace my dear dear Ruth. Our lives were forever changed knowing you and it was our honor to have held you close and cared for you these last 7 wonderful months.



It with great sadness I announce Chavez has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Richard
RIP Chavez