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Came to us after a concerned neighbor called about a senior dog living in the yard his belly was bloated and the owner was not willing to take him to the veterinarian.  After much back and forth with the owner, the neighbor was able to convince her to surrender him to a rescue.  Earl was in horrible shape and we thought we were going to have to help him cross. He surprised us all. He had the extra fluid drained and had an EKG, bloodwork, and a thorough examination.  Earl is in congestive heart failure but doing okay.  His liver and kidneys are doing well and he's on several medications.  He spends his day lounging in the sun, eating and sleeping.  His foster says he's a good boy and easy.  His medications and special food run about $300 a month.  If you would like to sponsor Earl please contact us at

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Michelle came to us with her sister Diva. Diva recently passed away she had Congestive Heart Failure. Michelle has mammary tumors and a bad heart murmur so she is not able to have the mammary tumors removed or a dental. She has been with us for a year.  She is feisty and rules the roost.  She is a tiny 3 pounds.  She loves to run around the yard and chase the sun. 
If you are interested in sponsoring Michelle please contact us at


Baby (hospice)


Baby  | Chihuahua mix | Female |7 pounds | Spayed: No (medically not safe) | Up to date on vaccines | Microchipped | 14 years old | Happy, playful, gets along with other dogs, does well with cats. Loves being held, would do well with a quiet home, no small/young children. Baby was dumped at the shelter by her owner after 13 years of loyalty to her owner.  She was upset and confused.  Her owner said she was moving out of state and couldn't take Baby.  Once we got Baby to the vet we found out she probably never saw a veterinarian.  She has a number of mammary masses and lumps all over her little body. She had never been spayed and she has awful teeth. But because of her condition surgery was not recommended. So we are looking for a forever foster or adopter

If you are interested in adopting Baby please review our adoption process and criteria and then complete our adoption application at

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