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About our dogs and cats

Sometimes we're asked why some animals have been with us for a while.  We rescue animals with special needs, and seniors, some who have medical issues, some who are hospice, some who have behavioral issues, and some who are perfectly healthy.  Those who stay with us the longest are usually our seniors.  Because we take in these special animals we keep our rescue small to focus and provide what may be needed for each animal. 

We adopt about 100 animals a year.  Our goal is to find quality homes for each of our rescues.  This means if they stay with us a little longer, then they stay a little longer.  Thank goodness for our fantastic fosters who open their homes and hearts to these special rescues.  Each of our rescues is fostered in private homes we do not have a facility.  Placing our rescues in private homes allows them the time and environment they need to decompress and allows us to access their needs.

If you have any questions about any of our rescues please feel free to contact us at or (707) 273-4259.  Our goal is always quality, not quantity and we believe in one animal at a time. 

Thank you so very much for considering a rescued animal and for choosing Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue to adopt.


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