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Animal Kingdom

Our Team

Deanna Hanley

Though Deanna is new to rescue she is not new to the knowledge of how much animals enhance our lives. She is a cat lover at heart and as you can see from her profile picture has a way with the burros as well.  We are excited she agreed to be part of our rescue! She has so much compassion and a big heart for helping animals and people.

Elsie Peña-Clark - Cat Adoptions

Started as a foster, then an adopter for Gunter's Legacy, and now a board member.  Elsie and Brandon (husband), and Adrian (grandson) are part of our family.  They've rescued cats and dogs for years and they are wonderful.  We are proud that Elsie agreed to become a bigger part of our organization. But we also want to acknowledge Brandon and Adrian, because they are part of the family and we know they love animals as much as we do and they have been instrumental in the training of the fosters in their home.  


Briana Neves - Foster Coordinator

Leti Luna President

Leti grew up in Southern California and was always surrounded by animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, and her dad even brought a piglet home once. The local "dog catcher" was friends with the family and would often bring them dogs whom he knew would not make it out of the shelter.


Leti lives in the Bay Area now and saw a continuing need to help animals who are normally overlooked at shelters. She has been involved in a rescue in the Bay Area for over 15 years. When her dog Gunter was diagnosed with aggressive cancer she realized that there is a need for rescues who will take in dogs with special needs. Gunter was a tough little guy who had a bad start in life. He would never have made it out of the shelter because he would have never passed the temperament test.


Over the years Leti has taken in many hard to adopt and no chance of adoption dogs and worked with them to find them happy loving forever homes.

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