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GLAR and Foster Responsibilities please read the entire page before applying to foster. 


FAQs About Fostering
GLAR and Foster Responsibilities please read the entire page before applying to foster. 
Why do we need fosters?


The foundation of GLAR's operation is in our foster homes, where rescued dogs get love and comfort while waiting for adoption. Shelters often have very short time spans – sometimes as little as a few days – before an unadopted dog is slated for euthanasia. GLAR’s goal is to rescue these dogs from that fate. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save.


How does fostering work?

Fostering provides a temporary home for a rescued dog until a permanent “forever” home can be found. It also provides time for a dog to adjust or re-adjust to living in a home, and to learn socialization and good manners. For some dogs, the foster home also provides time to recover from an illness or medical procedure before he or she can be made available for adoption.


What do foster parents do?

As a foster parent, you’ll be responsible for the basic daily care for your friend in your home. In other words, your job is to shower him with the love and attention he needs to prepare him for adoption into a permanent home. We will pick up the cost of any medical expenses, food, and supplies.  You’ll be asked to bring your foster dog to adoption outreach events and medical appointments, and to introduce him/her to people who are interested in adoption.

Before taking your first foster dog home, you’ll be assigned to a GLAR mentor, who will guide you through the program and help with any problems you may encounter.

For more information, see our list of foster responsibilities.


How long will a foster dog stay in my care?

Time in a foster home can range from several days to several months. We’ll be able to give you a better estimate for your dog before you take him/her home.


GLAR Responsibilities
  • Paying for medical care. All medical care will be covered by GLAR is provided by an approved GLAR hospital or clinic.

  • Basic necessities, if needed. GLAR can provide food, beds, collars, leashes, belly bands, and diapers. If fostering a cat we will provide all supplies, litter, crate, food, bed, litter box, whatever is necessary.

  • (Prior approval of any purchases made for your GLAR foster will be needed in order for reimbursement. Please contact a GLAR mentor.


Foster Responsibilities
  • We will not place a dog or cat in a home that is over the limit of your city/county ordinance allowed 

  • Providing daily mental and physical exercise suitable for the needs of your foster dog or cat.

  • Providing a safe, quiet environment free of stress.

  • Administering any medications prescribed by a veterinarian.

  • Transporting your dog to veterinarian appointments if necessary. Assistance will be provided for those who do not have transportation.

  • Transporting your dog to at least two GLAR Outreach events each month. Assistance will be provided for those who do not have transportation.

  • Meeting with potential adopters and providing them with information about your current foster dog.

  • Completing a 48-hour post-adoption follow-up with new adopters.

  • Weekly check-in with the GLAR Foster Coordinator regarding the status of your current foster dog.

  • Promoting your GLAR dog in a positive manner to the public and providing honest information to those who inquire about your GLAR dog.

  • If medical treatment is needed, go to one of GLAR’s approved veterinarian clinics and hospitals. Other arrangements can be made if approved by GLAR prior to treatment.

  • Communicating any behavior or medical problems to the Foster Coordinator immediately and providing weekly status updates.

  • If at any time, you feel that you cannot properly care for your GLAR dog, you must give GLAR at least 5 days' notice before returning the dog.

  • The foster agrees that the dog remains under the jurisdiction of GLAR and can not be abandoned, sold, or given to a shelter, retail establishment, or research institution.

  • The foster understands that GLAR has the right to remove the foster dog or cat from the foster home at any time.

  • The foster understands they cannot foster any dogs or cats that are not GLAR dogs or cats.  It is GLAR's responsibility to ensure the safety and health of all foster dogs belonging to GLAR and cannot ensure their safety if strays or other non-GLAR fosters are brought into the foster home.

  • To complete the foster application click here

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