What a prize Claire is / would be for someone who likes to walk.  She is precious and loves people and gets along with other dogs and cats!

She has had a rough time, she was found in Baldwin Park and her owners could not be found. But she was loved, she is so happy and so good. She loves to play and she will put her head on your shoulder and nuzzle you. She's not a licker but she loves hugs.

Breed - Rat Terrier
Age - 8 years

Weight - 14 pounds

Gender - Female

Vaccines - UTD

Microchipped - Yes

Spayed - TBA

If interested in adopting please complete an application here




Burt and Ernie

These boys have had a rough life.  They belonged to a homeless person who was arrested and they were confiscated by the Sherrif and taken to the shelter.  Their owner never reclaimed them.  They were absolutely terrified at the shelter and while Ernie shook uncontrollably in the corner his brother Burt hide under the dog bed. They were placed on the euthanasia list and had no interest from individuals or other rescues.

Once out of the shelter and with our foster they have done great. They love walks, get along with other dogs and cats and love people.  They having been homeless are not housebroken but we are really trying to get them trained.

They are so handsome and need a home together, they are absolutely bonded.

Breed - terrier / poodle mix

Age - 2 years or less

Weight - 15 pounds

Neutered - Yes

Vaccinated - Yes

Microchipped - Yes




This little guy was found in American Canyon, CA off the busy Hwy 29 that goes to Napa.  We tried to find his people but no one came forward.  He such a sweet little guy but clearly did not have a good first 10 weeks. He is shy and takes time to warm up, but once he does he's just a bundle of love.

Breed - Manchester Terrier/Mix
Age - 12 weeks

Weight - 7 pounds (will get bigger)

Gender - Male

Vaccines - UTD

Microchipped - TBA

Neutered - TBA 

If interested in adopting please complete an application here

Note* Jacob will not be available for adoption until he is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  We are accepting applications.




Sweetie - Adoption Pending


Is 14 years old and was confiscated from her owner.  The owner did retrieve her from the shelter but then brought her back saying she was too old and sick.  We stepped in when the shelter called and asked for assistance.  She was so scared and whimpering, she was on the euthanasia list and they had her in a kennel next to the euthanasia room, she knew what was coming.


She has not stopped wagging her tail since she left the shelter. She has partial hearing and sight loss but gets around fine. She loves to be held and loved.  We don't know how much time she has left but we know she won't die in a room alone without love. 

If you can provide Sweetie with a home for the time she has left and would like to meet her please complete an application here.








Is with Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. and is ready for his new home.

So sweet your teeth will hurt! He is active, happy, playful and hilarious. Though shy at first, he will be giving you belly to rub in no time. He is fearful of strangers, as well. Omelet can be fearful of bigger dogs but gets along fine with small and medium dogs. Good with cats. He will need continued socialization and training. Omelet is a quick study and is eager to learn. He has done very well with his potty training, with no mistakes since his first week here.

Sex: male | Age: 8 months |Breed: terrier/ Mix |

Neutered: Yes | Weight: 20 pounds |

Shots: up to date Barking: rare

Temperament: good with dogs and people, he is a love bug.

Good with cate

Energy: low

Microchip: yes

Potty trained: yes






We received a request to help Clementine from a sister rescue and we are so happy they asked us.  Clementine is such a sweet dog.  She would do well with an old person or retired.  She loves sleeping under the covers.  She loves walks and is housebroken. 

Sex: Female | Age: 9 years |Breed: Chihuahua/ Mix |

Neutered: Yes | Weight: 8 pounds |

Shots: up to date Barking: rare

Temperament: good with dogs and people, she is a love bug.

Good with cate

Energy: low

Microchip: yes

Potty trained: yes




Meet Sadie!

Breed: min pin/ mix | weight: 7 pounds | gender: female | spayed: yes | vaccines: up to date

Sadie is a warm soul. She loves to cuddle with her human and give kisses. Sadie has moderate energy. She likes to go for walks but does not require lots of exercise. She gets along well with other dogs, but prefers to stick close to her human instead of doing zoomies with the pack."


Nala is 11 years young until a few days ago she had a family that loved her and through no fault of her own found herself without her family of 11 years. All she wants to do is sit in a lap and hang out on the couch, or snuggle in bed. She would be great for an older couple, and will always alert her owner whenever someone is at the.  She is spayed and up to date on her shots.

Nala is a Chihuahua about 10 pounds, spayed, vaccinated and had a recent dental.  She seems to do well with cats and other dogs.  She is low key she, may bark when someone comes to the door but is quiet once you say no bark. 

She’s low energy but loves walks and is well behaved on a leash, she’s not anti-social but is aloof towards other dogs and people, she loves her person.  She is kennel trained and housebroken.  

Meet Gizmo and Peanut


These girls were found running the streets of Vallejo a good Samaritan found them and then found their owner. However, the owner didn't want them back and was angry because she had kept dumping in another neighborhood and they kept coming back.  The finder would not leave them with their owner and contacted us and of course we said yes.

Gizmo and Peanut are a bonded pair they play, sleep together and just love to be with each other


Applications are being accepted at





OMD Leo is a love bug.  He was busted out of puppy jail and he is not looking back.

He is a chihuahua mix and about 10 years old.  He came to use with bad teeth and some pretty bad arthritis.  He had a dental to get rid of the bad teeth and he is now on mediation to help relieve any pain he was experiencing.  We do not know his history but his health was neglected he was probably an outdoor dog.  But is enjoying being a indoor dog and when he wakes up in the morning he is spry and happy.

If you are interested in meeting Leo please complete and application here


Oakley came to us in pretty rough shape. Once he was shaved, he looks and acts like a different dog. Oakley has adjusted beautifully into foster care. He is such a great boy. He loves female dogs, especially large ones, but should not go to a home with cats. He should go to a dog experienced home with older children. He has quite a bit of energy and will take time to adjust to his new home in the beginning. Once he has a set schedule and knows his new routine, he is so sweet, loving and playful. He loves his squeaky toys and bones. Oakley weighs around 40 lbs and is around 2 years old. He knows how to use a dog door and is house broken. Oakley is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. He is currently available for adoption through Gunter's Legacy. To apply, please fill out an application at here




Joey was at the shelter, scared and snappy. She was pregnant and was due at any time.  Joey had her puppy the day after we rescued her.

She gets along with other dogs and cats. She prefers women to men and does not do well with very young children. 

She is housebroken.


Breed - Papillon
Age - 3 years

Weight - 6 pounds

Gender - Female

Vaccines - UTD

Microchipped - Yes

Spayed - TBA

If interested in adopting please complete an application here



Wow! This little one at the shelter and the staff wouldn't go near her because she was so scared of everything.  They told us she was 2 years old, not. She went to a foster where she just didn't do well and so we asked a more seasoned foster for her help and she said yes.  Iza has blossomed. She is engaging with the other dogs and is becoming more socialized.  This girl surprises us daily with her progress.

She is Chihuahua / Min Pin

Loves walks and car rides

Weighs 8 pounds




If you would like to meet Iza please complete and application here


Gus and Gunner

These two want so much to just be dogs.  We can only guess at what their lives were like before we rescued them.  We were contacted by a trainer who sometimes works with our rescue, she explained there were to "puppies" a friend of hers had been feeding their owners had thrown them outside and was not feeding them.

Our friend contacted the owner and was able to get her to surrender them to our rescue. The owner provided an "explanation" for putting them outside.  She said she had purchased them from a breeder as a gift for her 6-year-old son who had just had open-heart surgery. When she told her son's doctor he said the dogs had to go. She said they were 4 months old. 

When our friend brought them to us we quickly realized they were not 4 months old, closer to 4 years old.  They also looked like they had been used to breed for a long time, probably their entire lives.  Which most likely means they were kept in breeder boxes with barely enough room to move. Because of this Gus as a curve in his back and Gunner has grade 3 luxating patellas.

They are both skittish but it's clear they want to love and contact. Every day we learn a little more about them and it's wonderful to watch them.

Male, 3-4 years old, 3.5 and 4.5 pounds, min pin, neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.


It was an unexpected surprise when we rescued Kirby's mom, Joey, from the shelter and she gave birth to Kirby the following day.  Kirby was one of two puppies born, unfortunately her sister did not survive.

Kirby is a happy little girl.  She gets along with other dogs, cats and birds.  She knows how to use the doggy door. Kirby is still a puppy and will need more training.  Though we are taking applications Kirby will not be available until she is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.


12 weeks

5.5 pounds


Chihuahua / Papillion mix


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P.O. Box 1892 | Vallejo | CA | 94590
(707) 273-4259

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