White Feather

Malia, previously Molly, is a poodle mix who was attacked by other dogs who broke her jaw and then later, while recuperating, broke her leg when she jumped from a balcony. She's had to have a number of surgeries because of inappropriate care from the "foster".

There are a few graphic pictures, but she's doing so much better now, thanks to Jenny Armour-Ascione, we think she will be able to keep her leg.

She's had surgery to repair that awful gash, her broken jaw, and her leg twice. When Jenny got her to the second vet, he took an x-ray and she was missing a part of the bone, so he went back in and inserted plates. The doctor thought we might have to go back in and amputate, but we would rather save it. Thanks to Jenny and physical therapy, she is starting to use her leg!

Jenny reports that Malia is a doll, friendly, playful, happy, and loves everyone.


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