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Success Stories

Please welcome, Chris and Kristin to GLAR. They adopted Burt and Ernie. We could not be happier and Burt and Ernie have a wonderful new home and family.

Chris and Kristin this is the place to share pictures, milestones, or just ask questions. There are a lot of years of dog experience here and all of our adopters who are Facebook are part of this group.

Thank you for adopting not only one rescue but two!

burt and ernie and family.jpg

Valentine's Day.

Gizmo and Peanut have been their forever home with Frank and Catherine. Both had been with us since March of last year. Their foster 
Lili Balfour
 is amazing she was adamant they needed to stay together and fostered until a wonderful home was found.

We received the application and there was just something about Catherine an... See More

Peanut and mom.jpg
gizmo and dad.jpg

Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. wants to congratulate Nikki and her daughter Jennifer and Freddie they adopted Quinn today. So well prepared already enrolled in training classes and went to Woofstock and was completely spoiled with lots of scarfs, treats and toys. Please help us welcome them to our Gunter's Legacy Family! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

Quinn and family.jpg

Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc.
Look who was adopted today, Teddy❣

Congratulations Teddy and Libby. Welcome to our family.

Thank you Becky Moder for fostering.

Teddy and mom.jpg

Please help us welcome Patty and Scott again! They adopted Buddy from us and now they've adopted Bailey (previously Toaster).
We could not be happier. Buddy is so happy to have a playmate🎈

Welcome to 
Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc.

Thank you so much Becky Moder for fostering. If it had not been for her this would have never happened, Toaster is alive because she fostered.

the carols.jpg

Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc., Mr. Pickles was adopted today! He has his own people now, Natalie and Aaron.

Thank you Becky Moder so much for fostering this little guy and making sure he went to his vet appointments and for giving him such a great temp home.

Mr. Pickles was rescued from Contra Costa Animal Services. He's silly and happy. He may be a senior but he sure does act like it.

Thank you, Becky Moder,p us welcome Natalie and Aaron to our GLAR family.


Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. it's happened again! We have another foster failure <3

Congratulations to Monica, Mike and their girl, Annie, have decided Pablo is home!

Please help us welcome them to our GLAR family.

Mike and Monica.jpg
Pablo and Monica.jpg

Please officially welcome Cherry Hozian to our GLAR adopters forum she has failed in the best way, as a foster fail.

She has adopted Hope. We wish them both happiness and love.

Cherry as you have been doing please continue to share Hope and all her stories and milestone.



Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. it's happened again we have a foster failure! Congratulations to Shaylean Marie Mandeville and Roscoe! Roscoe came as a stray from Stockton, CA and we needed a foster, and Shay stepped up. Shay took a trip to Pismo Beach to visit her mom and when she returned she let me know Roscoe was attached to her and she to him and he was home.

Roscoe is one lucky dog his mom understands him completely. Shay even said she would foster one of our puppies.

Please help us welcome both to our GLAR adopter's family.

Look and these pictures, they say it all! — with Shaylean Marie Mandeville.


Well, it's happened again! We have a foster failure, not one dog but two! Freesia and Blossom are being adopted by Becky and Robbie, both dog whispers. These two have been great! They have been fostering Leo since he busted out of the shelter and now Koby. They fostered Mr. Pickles, Hope, Toaster, Wilma, and our other Teddy and because of them Mr. Pickles, Hope, Toaster, Teddy, and Wilma have all been adopted.

I usually know it's going to be a foster failure when our fosters do one of two things, tell me how bad their foster is, or don't think a meet and greet will go well. LOL

So help me congratulate Becky and Robbie. They have been adopted by Freesia and Blossom!



Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc., look who found her forever family! Wilma, (16 years old) adopted by Angela and Renee <3

Thank you Becky Moder for fostering. <3

Michele Flores Pane thank you for doing the homecheck. 


So Izzy was adopted and returned the next morning two weeks ago. So I went through applications and received a new one that looked great. Debbie DeMello did the home check and gave the couple and their dog Tilly lots of praise.
So yesterday we went for a meet and greet. Wonderful home and people.

Tilly and Buttons (grandma's dog) were so excited to meet Izzy they came charging out of the house. But soon everything was calm and all were getting along. I left for an hour and then returned and the family said Izzy, now Lizzy was home 💞

Tilly, their first dog is a Formosan Mountain Dog rescued from Taiwan. She's gorgeous and so well trained, she'll be great for Lizzy.

Thank you to everyone who shared Izzy.

Thank you to Anna, Jonathan, and Tilly for welcoming Lizzy into your home and welcome to Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc., family.🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

I kept trying to get Tilly to look towards the camera so you all could see how gorgeous she is but she turned away each time. LOL


November 3, 2019 ·


Gunter's Legacy

It's official Patrick has been adopted! Anna and Greg, what a nice couple. They have a little dachshund named Amy and her and Patrick are becoming buddies.

Thank you to Alexis and Robert for fostering Patrick and for bringing all the way to Fairfield to meet Anna, Greg and Amy.


Dwayne (Now Griz)

Has been adopted by Anne and Brian.  When I did the home check and met Anne I knew Dwayne would have the most wonderful home.  

Anne and Brian thank you for adopting Griz we wish you all long lives and happiness.


Chewy (AKA Red)

Oh my goodness! We love these two! They have adopted Chewy. They have been fostering Chewy and let me know that Chewy was indeed home.  We couldn't be anymore happier. 

I love the family picture we received.  Just wonderful people and great sense of humors!


What a wonderful way to end a weekend with a fantastic adoption. This adoption has been in the works from the day we rescued this little girl, Sassy.

Sassy had been at the Pinole Animal Shelter for over a month and she was listed as rescue only. She was terrified, just over 4 pounds, with a huge mammary gland tumor and she terrified the staff because she was so scared she would snap at them. Yes, imagine this tiny girl had the staff scared :)

Lorie Prior had been following Sassy's story and contacted me as soon as we rescued her and we couldn't be happier. I spoke to Lorie and there was just something about her. Her straightforwardness and she asked all the right questions and had great questions. She told me about Phillip who they had rescued 8 years ago and how whatever dog they adopted, Phillip would have to approve of the dog they would bring into their family.

Sassy needed surgery to remove her tumor. She had to have a bilateral chain mastectomy and an umbilical cord hernia removed. We held our breath as we waited for the biopsy to come back, the biopsy alone was over $400 but worth every penny. Thank dog the biopsy showed no malignancies.

Thank you, Alexis and Robert, for doing the home check. Then I took Sassy for a meet and greet all the way in Palo Alto, well worth the drive. I met Lori and Timothy, their human children, and Phillip what a great family.

I love their commitment to Sassy, now Ivy, and making her part of their family. Ivy because of her surgery and where the I.V. was placed. We think it's a beautiful name and we are so happy for Ivy.

They sent these wonderful photos. Please help me welcome the Prior family to our GLAR family. I could not be happier about this adoption.

Ivy and family.jpg


We are always happy when our dogs get adopted, but this placement happened so quickly and it just felt right from the get go.  After speaking to Tracy on the phone about our rescue we were excited to get her application for Myles. 

Myles is one lucky dog and his family are very lucky!


Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc., would like to announce Skye was adopted! Congratulations to Connie and Syke. Skye's new mom is going to make sure she is spoiled rotten. 💞💞💞

Thank you Lori Farrar for doing the home check! I love Connie!

Thank you Glenda White-Kugler and Krymylda MacDonald for fostering this precious girl.

Connie and Skye.jpg


What a lucky girl.  She is a double merle and is deaf and partially blind.  Her foster feel in love.  Esme's love her new family.  Her mom Pamela and her sister Daisy are over the moon and so is Esme.  Esme gets to go to doggy daycare, has a beautiful home and is loved.  We could not have asked for a better home.



What a lucky boy he was the first of our Boxer mix puppies that had an adopter.  The Hatley's were fantastic they really made sure their fur baby Shannin would want a brother and were so good about introducing the two and ended up doing a foster to adopt!



We are so lucky to have all the wonderful adopters we have and the Harvey's are another example of this.  They adopted Avery and we knew they were perfect for her because they had so much experience with boxers.  Pumpkin their older dog is a love bug and she is going to be a great big sister to Avery.



The Schwartz Family we love them. Lindsay knew when she first saw Henry he was the one for their family. When they finally met it was meant to be.  We wish this family only the very best.



Was an owner surrender and when I asked Leslie to foster she said yes. But I knew she was smitten with this little one because Leslie always sends great videos and updates about her fosters but not with this little one.  So we were not surprised when she asked to adopt him. We could not be happier. Fernando is in a great home and will always only know love and happiness.

Leslie and Fernando


Yahoo! Albie was adopted by his foster family and he just loves his mom Joann.  Adopt a senior they will always love you for giving them a second chance!

Joann and Albie


Please help welcome Morgan and Davin to Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. family. They've adopted Rudy!
Thank you also to Jillian who foster him.🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾



Laura, Doug, and their three children have adopted Nicky and boy what a great life he is going to have.  Kids, land and space to run!

Nicky 2.jpg


This momma and her two puppies were at the shelter and endanger because her babies were underage and might have been put to sleep if Jillian and board member had not been there to save them.  Holly is enjoying the good life with her new family and she is absolutely enamored with her dad who takes her out for 5 to 7 miles a day!



Can you say SCORE.  Jack was shopping with his foster mom and there they were in front of his new mom and dad.  It was kismet they knew he had to be part of their family.

He is settling in and is so loved.  What a lucky break for this little one who was adopted and returned the next day to the shelter and was endanger of being euthanized because of it.  Thank Dog! for the shelter staff and volunteers letting us know this little one needed out ASAP.



One lucky boy.  From a life of uncertainty to a happy life with a new family.  

We wish Charlie and his new family on the best.



This little one was with us for over a year and she found her person, Monica.  We couldn't be happier for her.  Monica is so great allowing her to come around in her own time and way.

Thank you Monica!

tilly and monica.jpg
Anchor 1



Lady is such a great dog and we knew her real forever family was out there!  She had been adopted but through no fault of her own, it didn't work out.  Rachel and Joanne have promised us she is home.  

Lady is a little nervous because of the changes the past month, but she's a trooper and we know she is going to thrive.  She has a beautiful home with two of the best people. She lives in a great neighborhood and a beautiful yard.  Her people are going to take her for walks and just love here.




This was a difficult placement, not because Brody was a difficult dog but because his mom who passed away earlier this year was my friend and I really wanted a home that would love him the way she did.  I cried the whole ride to their house for the meet and greet but when I got there I realized this was his home, where he was meant to be.

His new family Estee, Andrew, Elodie, Marley, and extended family have all welcomed into their hearts and homes.  He hit the jackpot.  We welcome them to the GLAR family and wish all love and happiness.




This adoption makes us so happy it took a while to happen but her mom Jenny kept in there with us and we are so happy for Pixie.  She has a beautiful new life, a mom and dad and a canine brother Louie!



Fiona and Gracie


Adopted by a wonderful couple who Jillian just thinks are the tops! But Jillian has a knack for finding wonderful adopters.  We are so happy they applied for the girls we know they are going to be happy, loved and spoiled.


These guys are amazing they not only adopted Lewy from our very first litter of puppies we have ever rescued they came back and adopted Billie from the third litter we rescued!  It was such a pleasure meeting them in person.  

Lewy and Billie are two very lucky puppies!



Carolina and Danika.  We know all of our dogs who have been adopted are in spectacular homes and are always so happy when we find another fantastic home.  Danika is going to be loved and spoiled for always.



This almost didn't happen, but we are over the moon with this adoption.  Joseph and Zacky are such caring and loving dads!  And now Hilo has a baby fur brother Kona!

Congratulations to this wonderful family.



How lucky is this little guy? His mom was part of a hoarding situation, confiscated, taken to the shelter, where she gave birth to Buddy and his 5 siblings, then all rescued and now Buddy has a fantastic home with Bella his sister, Patty (mom) and Scott are the best people and we couldn't be happier for Buddy.




We are so happy with this adoption.  Our little Penelope has found her forever home and we are so excited.  Her new mom Laura is a great mom already to Thelma and Lolita and we know Penelope is in the right home and where she needs to be.

We wish all of them all the happiness and welcome them to the Gunter's Legacy Fa

Laura and Penny_edited.jpg



Wow! What a great way to start our Saturday at Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc., Duncan, now Frank, has been adopted by a great family, Bo, Gar, and Sky have decided Duncan is part of their family.

We think Sky is excited about her new little brother.

Thank you, Wendy for doing the home check and Jillian for fostering and making sure Duncan got everything he needed.

Bo and Gar.jpg



Happy National Black Dog Day! What a perfect way to start this week!

We think we are going to make Brian our spokesperson for Gunter's most excited adopter :)What a great way to start a week! 

We've lost another foster!

Please help us welcome Lee and Brian they are the best kind of failures, FOSTER FAILURES!! <3 <3they are adopting Shiloh!

Thank you and congratulations. We are so happy for Shiloh and wish you all a happy life and are glad you're part of Gunter's Legacy family.

Shiloh is the black and white girl owning her dad in this pic!

brian and shilol.jpg


Please help us congratulate John and Carolyn they have been adopted by Tucker.

We wish them all the happiest of lives.

We love that smile on John's face! 


Wow! What a lucky little dog our Ernie is the Bachman's found him and we are so excited that he has a family to call his own! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful adopters.

Rose and Rick.jpg

Patricia adopted Jasper, she is not on Facebook. I spoke to her on Sunday and she said Jasper is home now and she couldn't be happier.

We are happy Patricia has joined our Gunter's Legacy family!

Patricia and Jasper_edited.jpg

This one was a difficult adoption for me, letting ago is always a sad day for us and happy all at once. Mickey has had it rough since being dumped at the shelter over a year ago. But we think he hit the motherlode with his new mom!

Please help us welcome PJ who adopted Mickey! Mickey finally has a person to call his own and is getting the attention and love he deserves.

We are happy you joined our Gunter's Legacy family!

JP and Mickey.jpg

Simba is our $10,000 dog BUT we are so happy he is alive

Congratulations! Simba hit the jackpot! He was adopted by his foster mom,!
Andrea . We wish Andrea and Simba a long happy life! Welcome to Gunter's Legacy Adopter's family! We lost a great foster but are so happy for this love connection!

Andrea and Simba.jpg

Borgi has been adopted by his foster mom.  

We are sad to lose our great foster Joy, but we also know that Borgi has found the best forever home with Joy.

How fantastic is this Caren and Rodney adopted Rocky and Guinness! They waited a long time to get these boys we thank them for their patience and welcome them to our Gunter's Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. family and look forward to many many pictures and stories about their lives together.

caren and rodney.jpg

Please help us welcome Karen and Kevin Campton they added Oliver, now Reggie to their family Sunday.

Karen and Kevin this is a place to share Reggie's pictures, milestones, and adventures, etc.

We are happy you joined our Gunter's Legacy family!

Karen and Kevin.jpg

 he adopted Mochi (Leila) with new sister Will McNallyPlease help us welcome Ebi . Will this is where you can share pictures, stories, and milestones. We are so happy Mochi and Ebi are getting along so wonderfully and that Mochi is helping your family to heal.

you adopting and for being part of the GLAR family.

Mochi and Ebi.jpg

Please help us welcome Monique, Steve and Amelia they added Sophie Grace, to their family.,

Monique and Amelia this is a place to share Sophia, now Sophie Grace's pictures, milestones, and adventures, etc.

We are happy you joined our Gunter's Legacy family! Steve

Monique and sophia.jpg

Got a wonderful update from Reid this morning that included this adorable picture of him and his wife, Lisa, with Pancake (formerly Stewie). They love him to pieces, and even think they can temper that "piccolo pete firecracker sound" he makes when crated and wanting attention! Hah!


Please welcome the Templin Family they adopted Olivia. 
This is the place to share your stories, pictures, and milestones. 

you being part of Gunter's Legacy Family



We were so concerned because our Otis had very few applications and we couldn't figure out why because he is absolutely gorgeous! Well this application came in and we were like this must be the one because they were so excited about meeting him. Jacquelyn and Robert Destito had just moved into their new home and were ready to share it with their first puppy together. They are such a sweet couple and we know Otis was supposed to be with them!

We later found out there was a snafu at Adoptapet and many many inquiries were not forwarded to us, but we are firm believers in everything happens for a reason and we know Robert and Jackie were meant to have Otis.


Ryder had a great deal of applications but we knew when we saw Stacey's application and spoke to her she was the one. Fast forward to home check and then meet and greet and a love match! 

Please help us welcome Stacey DeJesus who adopted Mario! Mario has a wonderful family and home and is going to be so spoiled.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

We are happy you joined our Gunter's Legacy family!

Stacey 6.jpg

Yahoo! Daisy was adopted by the best little girl, Emma! The Calkin family adopted Daisy today we know she's going to be a loved and spoiled girl. Thank you for adopting and being part of Gunter's Legacy!

Daisy and family.jpg

Yoshi has been adopted and has his own very special little girl.  When she heard about Simba being hit by a car she donated her egg money.  Money she had raised selling eggs!  This was such a heartwarming gift we love this family.


Tia was adopted by her Foster's dog sitter and we could not be happier. 


Please help us welcome Allie, she has adopted Pedro!

Allie this is a place to share Pedro's pictures, milestones, and adventures, etc.

Pedro wasn't even with Gunter's Legacy for a day before Allie contacted us about adopting this little guy and we could not be happier! ❤️❤️

We are happy you joined our Gunter's Legacy family!

Allie and pedro.jpg

Has been adopted!

Bodie (Bowser)Welcome Tammy Dibble Grimm 
and congratulations on adopting Bodie! We look forward to receiving pictures, milestones, and stories about the little one!

We look forward to hearing all about Bodie and thank you for being part of Gunter's Legacy adopters family.


We have been slacking here at Gunter's Legacy. Not only is Jillian one of our board members but she has also adopted from GLAR and she is our puppy foster mama!

Jillian saw Delilah at the Stockton Animal Shelter and of course we had to save her, so Jillian drove to Stockton and as she was driving back I was getting texts of pictures of Delilah I knew even if Jillian did not we had a foster failure in the making! I think it was two days later when Jillian texted and said where's the paperwork?

So our apologies Jillian! This is the place where you can share your stories, pictures, and milestones about your girl Delilah.

Welcome to GLAR and thank you for adopting and becoming part of our family.


Please help us welcome Sarah, she has adopted Jack!

Sarah this is a place to share Jack’s pictures, milestones, and adventures, etc.

Sara and Jack.jpg



Whew! That was fast Maisy has been adopted. 



We are so happy our little queen of the pack has found her human!  Carol will spoil and love Taj and give her the best life possible.  

Taj was so relaxed with Carol from the get-go we knew immediately she had found her home she is just taking in all the love and attention she is getting.

We wish a happy life to both Taj and Carol.

Emily Marie


Our cute little Emily Marie went to her new home today. Thank you, Kim, Doug, and Alexis for giving her a wonderful home.

We know Emily is going to have a happy life. She has a little girl of her own, mom, dad, and two fur siblings.

We love how the whole family is involved with all their fur babies and know Emily will have a great home and family.


Olivia (Ginni)


We are so happy for GiGi. She came from a horrible situation. She was a owner surrender by a person who kept her in a closet and over fed her and never took her out for exercise.


Stacy saw her and contacted us and told

came to us extremely obese and thanks to her wonderful fosters she's lost over 10 pounds.use about her dog Andy and her family of adopted rescue animals and we knew GiGi had to meet this woman and her family.

They all met and so far it's a match. Andy is happy to have a canine sister to play with!  We wish them nothing but happiness and love in their new journey together.


We keep losing our fantastic fosters because they keep adopting their fosters! But this is the best kind of fail, foster fail! Bonita and Rosie we wish many years of a happy life together.



Cabo Wabo


Cabo Wabo formerly CW has been adopted and has a little girl who loves him to death.


Cabo was an owner surrender from southern California and his foster family decided they had to adopt him we love happy endings.


Willy formerly Ziggy

From his new mom and dad. "He's been so good! We took him for a long walk yesterday and he was really good on the leash and with everybody we encountered."

"It's going really well.  He's been doing better at night and seems to be pretty happy getting to get exercise and go to parks."


From his new mom Denise. "He seems to think the throw rugs all look better when they are scrunched up in a pile and that it is his job to make sure they stay that way lol he cracks us up he is so funny".


"He LOVES to run he will race jumping like a gazelle every three strides, he makes huge loops around the yard over and over it's funny."


Our Sailor has been adopted by a very sweet couple who are showering her with all the love and care she can handles.


Sailor is missed here at the rescue and we love her but we know that she needed a family of her own and now she has one that loves her as much as we do.


Neche was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!


We are so happy for Neche and his new family. Carolyn, Jack, and his brother Ben.


He is enjoying San Francisco sun, beach, and parks. Welcome to the GLAR family.​

New Beginnings

We couldn't be happier our girl Leka who started a rough life has been adopted! We love her new family and they are treating her like a princess they're also keeping her name.

Welcome Anita, Andre, and Devon to the GLAR family.


Couldn't be luckier. He found his forever person and is living life in Marin. His person fell in love with our toothless gentleman and he with her.

Welcome, Kate to the GLAR family.

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