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Please welcome, Chris and Kristin to GLAR. They adopted Burt and Ernie. We could not be happier and Burt and Ernie have a wonderful new home and family.

Chris and Kristin this is the place to share pictures, milestones, or just ask questions. There are a lot of years of dog experience here and all of our adopters who are Facebook are part of this group.

Thank you for adopting not only one rescue but two!

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Valentine's Day.

Gizmo and Peanut have been their forever home with Frank and Catherine. Both had been with us since March of last year. Their foster 
Lili Balfour
 is amazing she was adamant they needed to stay together and fostered until a wonderful home was found.

We received the application and there was just something about Catherine an... See More

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gizmo and dad.jpg